25 Foot Round Tapered Anchor Base Fiberglass Security Camera Pole, Heavy Duty

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Due to global resin shortages, this item has an estimated lead time of 16-20 weeks.
  • Black (Standard)
  • Dark Bronze +$60
  • White +$60
  • Gray +$60

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Product Description:
This round tapered fiberglass camera pole is 25 feet high and suited for heavy duty. This non-conductive pole is 70% lighter than steel, dent resistant and does not rust or corrode. It is low maintenance, easy to install and can be configured for your security needs. Availability:
This is a made to order item. We will contact you with current lead time within one business day of order placement. Product Specifications:

  • Pole Configuration: Our security camera poles can be drilled to meet your specifications. The drill pattern, location and orientation need to be provided by the customer. A removable top cap or tenon is provided. The most common tenon option is a 2-3/8 inch diameter tenon; however, other options are available.
  • Pole Shaft: Our commercial grade fiberglass round tapered security camera poles are constructed of thermoset polyester resin containing "E" type fiberglass. The smooth surface consists of a saturated polyester surfacing veil and an unsaturated polyester resin layer containing UV inhibitor and pigment throughout.
  • Handhole: A 2.5 x 5 inch reinforced handhole is provided at 26.5 inches from the base. A cover with a single screw to secure the latch mechanism is also provided.
  • Base Plate and Cover: A cast aluminum base plate is permanently bonded to the pole shaft. A 2 piece fiberglass base cover is provided to cover the anchor bolts after installation.
  • Anchor Bolts: A set of 4 steel anchor bolts are provided with each pole assembly. Each bolt includes 2 nuts and 2 washers. The top of the anchor bolt is threaded for securing and leveling the pole with the provided nuts and washers. An actual size paper anchor bolt template is provided.
  • Color Options: Bronze, black, white and gray colors are provided at no extra charge. Custom color options are available at a surcharge.
  • Other Options: The following options are available; custom colors, custom pole heights, additional handholes and custom base plate dimensions. Please consult one of our security camera pole experts for details.

Maximum EPA with 1.3 Gust Factor - Top Mount:
80 mph:
7.5 Square Feet
100 mph: 5.0 Square Feet
120 mph: 5.0 Square Feet


25 Foot
Anchor Base
Round Tapered
Heavy Duty
Product Note:
Due to global resin shortages, this item has an estimated lead time of 16-20 weeks.
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