Anchor Bolts


Frequently Asked Questions: Anchor Bolts

What are anchor bolts?

Anchor bolts are structural and non-structural elements that fasten a light pole to a poured concrete foundation. Anchor bolts are made of steel specifically designed to serve as a light pole anchor, keeping the pole in place. Each anchor bolt consists of a hooked threaded rod, a hex nut, and a washer.  

What are the different types of anchor bolts used for light poles?

Light pole anchor bolts come in a variety of sizes, applications, and types. There are four primary anchor bolts styles used to hold light poles in place: l-shaped, double end rods with plate, headed, and swedge. The anchor bolts on are also impacted by the type of light pole – whether it’s steel, aluminum, or fiberglass light poles. 

What size of anchor bolt do I need?

Anchor bolt sizes can also depend on location regulations and building codes. A state’s building code has the technical details of a light pole and how they should be put together. Each state has its own guidelines for anchor bolt sizes that must be used in order to properly secure a base plate to a pole shaft and attach it all together when installing a pole. Regional weather conditions also impact the size of an anchor bolt (Florida, Kansas, Wyoming etc.) and how the force of wind can impact light poles more in a hurricane zone or tornado region. 

How to install an anchor-based light pole with anchor bolts?

Anchor-based light poles are installed using an anchor base method where the base plate of the pole is fastened in place by anchor bolts that are secured to the foundation – commercial workers pour a concrete foundation; the concrete base creates a strong foundation, which is routinely checked for cracks, damage, etc. Lighting experts also recommend purchasing a precast concrete pole base for commercial lighting installations, as these foundations are measured to accommodate light pole size and measurement specifications.

What are some structural and non-structural elements of pole anchor bolts? 

Testing the structural integrity of anchor bolts and other light parts is also essential and enforced by building code regulations. Trials are performed on anchor bolts under non-structural factors, such as strong loads, high winds, etc., to ensure these pieces are manufactured properly and can pass critical checkpoints. 

Structurally, architects and lighting designers examine the size of the parts, and whether they will support the entire product – this includes anchor bolts, base plates, etc. When needed, architects will recommend that these specific parts require a bigger size to accommodate the light pole design and structure.

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