Light Pole Kits


Light Pole Kits

Our LED parking lot light pole kits are the turnkey solution for your parking lot lighting needs. These light pole kits come with everything you need to complete your project from the light pole to the LED lights and hardware. offers a large variety of light pole kits at very competitive prices. Whether you need commercial-grade LED parking lot light pole kits or decorative LED light pole kits, we have you covered.

Not sure what you need, or need something custom for your application? We are happy to answer your questions – give us a call at 800-443-8254 or send us an email at We have over 25 years of experience in commercial lighting and are happy to guide you to the right product. We can help you with custom pole kits based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions: Light Pole Kits

What comes included in light pole kits?

Lighting kits, at the minimum, typically come with the light pole and the fixture included – light poles and fixtures are the basics of what comes in a light pole kit. Some kits, such as parking lot light pole kits, include a light pole, an LED light fixture, slip fitter bracket(s), a base cover, a tenon adapter, a bullhorn, and handhole cover.

Can light pole kit equipment be customized?

While light pole kits are structurally pre-determined by lighting architects and engineer specialists, there are a range of buying options available to fit each customers needs – including light fixture style, a selection of light poles to choose from in different materials, pole height specifications, etc.

What are some examples of light pole kits that are available for outdoor lighting commercial projects?

  • Sports Light Pole Kit
  • Street Light Pole Kit
  • Decorative Light Pole Kit
  • Parking Light Pole Kit
  • Halo Style Light Pole Kit

Are there light pole kits that have LED lights?

The short answer is yes! One example of this is a sports lighting kit, which includes an LED fixture, as well as a light pole and anchor bolts. Sports lighting commonly uses LED technologies to create strong illumination levels that flood light to entire sports fields or recreational courts, while offering a cost-effective and energy efficient solution such as LED sports lighting. Another example are LED parking lot light pole kits, available with fixed or adjustable LED light fixtures.

How are light pole kits designed?

This depends on the type of light pole kit and its purpose: a kit manufactured for parking lot lighting, vs. a kit made for street lighting, etc. From an engineering standpoint, the first step to designing a light pole kit is to start with the light fixture where an architect will test how bright the light is – as if it were mounted to the top of a 20 foot pole – and to choose a visually appealing light fixture. The next phase is to design the light pole shaft to adapt to the light fixture. Once this is complete, sizing and materials for anchor bolts, base plates, etc. are chosen to support the overall product – creating a light pole kit.

What is the recommended light pole height for light pole kits?

Again, this depends on what the light pole kit is being used for. For street lighting kits, 10-25 feet is suggested. While most light pole kits are set at the lighting expert recommended height, there are some options to customize the light pole height. For example, decorative light pole kits and halo light pole kits give customers the option to request a custom pole height.

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