LED Lighting for Commercial Businesses
Lighting is one of the most important elements of a building’s interior, especially for a building used for a commercial business such as an office, shopping mall, restaurant, government buildin
The Importance of Campus Exterior Lighting
Campus safety heavily relies on the lighting provided in the area. Whenever we come across the term' campus,' the immediate picture painted in our minds is of beautiful buildings and a green envi
The Importance of Parking Lot Light Poles
Parking lot light poles often go unnoticed in holding up the reputation of a business or an institution, ranging from neighborhood malls to clubs, shopping centers, and different types of professio
Shopping Mall Lighting

January 11, 2023

Shopping Mall Lighting

While many consumers purchase clothing and other retail items online, shopping centers and malls with physical storefronts still play a valuable role, offering in-person testing of products as well
Light Pole Brackets Deep Dive
The average person may not give lighting arms much thought, despite passing by light poles in your day to day life – whether it’s at a park, in a parking lot, or on your way home as you drive past
Lighting Design for Street Basketball Courts
Feel like an NBA star every time you step on the court with sports light pole kits for an electric experience. Play street basketball and have fun with friends on the court, no matter what time it is!
What Are Anchor Bolts |

Posted by LightMart Technical Team on February 21, 2022

What Are Anchor Bolts |

Installing a light pole requires planning and preparation, and we want to make sure you start your project off on the right foot. Poles typically come in two options. Direct burial, where the po
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