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No matter the plant size, we have the right lighting solution.

We know that mass production facilities put hazard guidelines in place for location-specific areas, meaning that lighting must be able to accommodate certain zones of the plant. LightMart prioritizes worker safety by offering professional recommendations that provide optimal lighting for a safe and efficient workspace.

Turnkey Solutions

Proper lighting throughout a manufacturing plant heightens security and increases safety.

Areas of Manufacturing Factories that Require Visible Lighting:

  • Clothing and Textile Manufacturers
  • Appliance Manufacturers
  • Consumer Goods Industries
  • Packaged Food Industries
  • Beverage Manufacturing Facilities
  • Metal Manufacturing Factories
  • Plastic Manufacturing Plants
  • Rubber Manufacturers
  • Chemical Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Automotive Manufacturing Plants
  • Consumer Electronic Manufacturers
  • General Machinery Manufacturing Industries
  • Paint Manufacturing Factories

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Lighting Solutions of All Sizes

Their are specific guidelines for lighting at plants, factories, and manufacturing facilities.

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Tools that allow you to create the ideal lighting design. At Light Mart, our Technical Design team is ready to assist you during every stage of your lighting project. Our website will give you access to our extensive IES library and calculators, allowing you to create the perfect solution.

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Our staff can guide you through the process of purchasing the right LED fixtures for your location and application.

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Poles, Fixtures, and Brackets. Get everything you need for your install in one shipment. Our LED Light Kits save time and money.

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LED lighting fixtures save enormous amounts of energy. You save on energy, and the longer life of LEDs will reduce maintenance costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current OSHA lighting standards for industrial buildings?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) works to ensure that proper workplace lighting is installed to prevent work related falls, machine related injuries, and any potential electrical hazards. OSHA requires consistent lighting throughout an industrial facility with a breakdown of the lighting levels recommended to illuminate specific work areas. Here are some examples of location based lighting and the requirements for each :

  • First Aid Posts, Medical Stations and Offices: 30 foot candles
  • General Construction Manufacturing Plants: 10 foot candles
  • General Construction Area: 5 foot candles
  • Hallways, Exits, Passageways: 5 foot candles

What are some lighting design suggestions for the factory exterior lighting?

LightMart creates state of the art fixed LED parking lot light pole kits and adjustable LED parking lot light pole kits made for outdoor spaces. Our adjustable light poles and our hinge based, light weight aluminum poles are the perfect products for enhancing security measures, attaching cameras to the top of a light pole for 24-hour surveillance. Additionally, we also carry LED light fixtures for optimal area lighting, which can be attached to any LightMart pole.

What is the best lighting for industrial buildings?

Regulation standards states that lighting cannot be installed anywhere near a flammable source of ignition. The type of factory or the material produced, which may involve flammable elements.

According to OSHA, exit routes are also requirements at all manufacturing and industrial plants. This also includes clearly marked exits and emergency lights.

For high ceiling manufacturing plants, we recommend high bay LED lights, as they generally provide the best lighting to illuminate large warehouse size areas.  

What area the industrial lighting design standards for field maintenance areas?  

Areas of field maintenance common in a manufacturing factory setting may include recounting and collecting inventory, cleaning, inspections, adjustments, testing and replacing parts. OSHA states that a minimum of 3 foot candles are required to brighten sectors where field maintenance is necessary.

What is the maintenance cost of facility lighting? 

This depends on how many lumens and light sources are needed. LED lighting is an effective, energy efficient way of providing more illumination and brightness while decreasing the cost of monthly lighting bills. Research shows that LED lamps are replaced less frequently that non-LED sources, at a rate of less than once per year compared to non-LED lighting that’s replaced more than twice a year.

For low risk zones, installing LightMart’s Professional Grade High Bay lights would be an affordable, energy saving option as these lights use motion sensor technology. When workers aren’t on the floor, the lighting devices pick up on the lack of movement and dim the brightness to a lower level of power.

LED lights also don’t significantly emit heat, compared to other light sources, making LEDs a safer option for work environments such as factories. was established in 1998 by lighting manufacturer Energy Light Inc. before any online lighting distributors existed. Since its inception, our goal has been to make life easier for lighting professionals by delivering quality products at great savings. We strive to be your one-stop source for light poles and commercial lighting and provide turnkey solutions such as our parking lot and decorative light pole kits and power bar sports light packages. With a complete selection of commercial lighting products ranging from light poles and LED fixtures to tenon adapters and light pole kits, we make every effort to serve you better than anyone, every day.

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