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Proper lighting is crucial to the safety and security of civilians and service workers in any emergency situation. Facilities such as police stations, firehouses, and hospitals rely on reliable lighting to ensure the wellbeing of every individual, from patients and victims to officers and hospital staff. So whether it’s precautionary measures such as lit exit signs above doors, or creating flood lighting applications out in the field, lighting can help save lives.

Types of Firehouse, Police Station Lighting Zones

  • Apparatus Bay: This is the area where fire trucks and other emergency vehicles are stored. It requires high-intensity lighting to allow firefighters to perform maintenance and inspections on the vehicles.
  • Living Quarters: This is the area where firefighters sleep and relax when off-duty. It requires low-intensity lighting to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Kitchen and Dining Area: This area requires moderate-intensity lighting to allow firefighters to prepare and eat meals safely.
  • Training and Exercise Area: This area requires adjustable lighting that can be increased for high-intensity training or lowered for low-intensity exercise.
  • Administrative Area: This is the office area of the firehouse and requires moderate-intensity lighting for clerical tasks.

Each lighting zone must be designed with the specific lighting needs of that area in mind, ensuring that firefighters and police officers can safely and efficiently perform their duties in any lighting condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Light a Police or Fire Station?

Police station lighting requires reliable lighting to perform a variety of functions including questioning suspects in interrogation rooms, completing paperwork in an office setting, etc. Generally, police station cubicles and desks usually have low or high bay lights installed above for functionality, making it easy to read, write, and work on the computer. Police headquarters bathrooms typically use LED canopy lights, which are easy to install and long lasting. Interrogation rooms, on the other hand, usually uses harsh lighting such as a concentrated disk high bay lamps or flood lights to break suspects into making a confession.      

Fire station lighting, on the other hand, commonly uses powerful lighting that can notify fire department officials of an emergency in the middle of the night, such as wall pack lights, and exit and emergency lights. However, common areas of fire stations use gentler lights for everyday functions including cooking, sleeping, etc.   

What Type of Lighting is Best for a Healthcare Facility?

Operating rooms and patient rooms must have the proper lighting to perform any medical procedure, which is why LED troffers and panel lights are suggested at healthcare facilities. When designing lighting for hospitals, troffer and panel fixtures are the best fit, as they are glare free with indirect lighting, have a long life expectancy, and have a cooler light temperature which most hospitals use. 

Additionally, hospital campus lighting – such as parking lot lighting – and the exterior lighting poles and fixtures used play a significant role when it comes to the safety and security of patients, visitors, and hospital staff. However, hospital campus lighting can range from decorative bollard lights lining walkways to practical and functional parking lot light poles or security camera poles for extra perimeter protection.      

What is the Best Exterior Lighting Design to Ensure Public Safety on College Campuses? 

Another area where public safety is concerned is on college campuses. The best way to achieve this is by installing outdoor lighting fixtures, mounting building exterior lighting such as LED wall packs or flood lights against the outer walls of dormitories, libraries, campus centers, classroom buildings, etc. Some college campuses even have public safety stations with lighting – all students have to do is push the button and a public safety vehicle will be on their way to provide security and protection.   

What Lights are Best for Energy Saving Benefits on Large Commercial Buildings? 

LED lighting is the best option when running a large facility with hundreds of light sources, such as a hospital. LED lights emit low heat levels, decrease light pollution and harmful effects on the environment, and they reduce energy consumption and monthly lighting costs – which is extremely beneficial when it comes to monthly hospital maintenance bills. Not to mention that LEDs require less frequent replacements, which make LED bulbs low maintenance. LEDs are also low voltage, meaning they are safe enough to be used indoors, especially alongside high voltage equipment such as a defibrillator.  

Our Lighting Experts are here 24x7 to answer your questions.
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