Light Poles

Light Poles

Compare features a huge variety of light poles to meet almost any requirement.  We have steel, aluminum and fiberglass poles, as well as specialized products such light pole kits and decorative poles. We also have several color options! If you need products quickly, check out our Quick-Ship Light Poles — these poles are in stock and usually ship within a week.

Whether you are looking for round, square or tapered light poles, light poles that are hurricane resistant or poles with a hinged base, the professionals at LightMart can help.  We will be happy to guide you to the right commercial lighting products to meet your needs or build a custom solution to get the job done. is proud to have sold more than 250,000 light poles in its 22 years of business. Please contact us by phone at 800-443-8254 or send us an email at if you have any questions. — Where Professionals Save!

Frequently Asked Questions: Light Poles

What types of light poles are there to choose from?

There are a variety of shapes, materials, and functionality options to choose from when it comes to selecting a light pole that fits your commercial lighting needs. Here are some lighting products recommendations for outdoor lighting:

  • Square Steel Light Poles
  • Square Tapered Steel Light Poles
  • Round Steel Light Poles
  • Round Tapered Steel Light Poles
  • Steel Hinged Light Poles
  • Square Straight Aluminum Light Poles
  • Round Straight Aluminum Light Poles
  • Round Tapered Aluminum Light Poles 
  • Hinge Base Aluminum Light Poles 
  • Fiberglass Direct Burial Light Poles
  • Transformer Base Round Tapered Light Poles 
  • Parking Lot Lighting Poles
  • Street Light Poles 
  • Decorative Light Poles
  • Power Bar Light Poles for Sports 
  • Security Camera Light Poles
  • Telecommunication Poles
  • Wifi Poles
  • Light Pole Kits

What materials are best used for light poles?

  • Steel light poles
  • Aluminum light poles
  • Fiberglass light poles
  • Wooden poles are another alternative, however, these are more commonly used for utility poles to support electrical transformers, power lines, antennas for cell communication and wifi routers, etc.

What protective measures prevent damage to light poles?

To extend the lifespan of a light pole, there are a couple of methods that can be used. A powder coat creates a thicker, more durable finish and lasts longer than conventional paint or a bare steel pole. Additionally, on steel poles exclusively, powder coated galvanized finish options are available to help protect steel poles from corrosion.

What is the recommended height for a lighting pole?

This depends on the purpose or the function of the light pole, also known as lighting applications. A street light pole can range from 12 to 25 feet – depending on the size of the road it sits on and how many lanes it has are determining factors. Whereas light poles installed on highways usually require high mast light poles that stand over 50 feet tall. The recommended height for a parking lot light pole is 20-30 feet to ensure that enough area light covers the parking lot and makes it easy for employees, customers, etc. to navigate to and from the parking lot.

What light poles are best for safety?

Security camera light poles are one of the best outdoor lighting solutions, which offers added protection and general surveillance at schools, commercial businesses, hospitals, etc. These light poles can be installed in any parking lot with a security camera mounted to the top. This will ultimately help to ensure the safety of employees, staff, visitors, students, customers, and any other individual arriving or leaving the premises.

Additionally, when it comes to street light poles and best safety practices, transformer base aluminum light poles – also known as breakaway poles – are designed with breakaway points to fall upon impact, such as a car hitting a pole.

What is the most economical light pole choice?

When it comes to finding light poles at affordable prices, steel light poles are the best option. Steel is a cost effective material that can support any size lighting project at the right price.

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