Volleyball Court Lighting

Since 2009, LightMart’s Sport Light Pole Kits have illuminated outdoor and indoor sports courts across the U.S., including residential courts. We offer the right lighting solutions to satisfy players, spectators, and surrounding communities.


Turnkey Solutions

The right lighting on your volleyball court makes all the difference.

Outdoor Court Lighting

  • Game changer for volleyball court lighting
  • Superior levels of illumination and uniformity
  • Industry-leading photometry through molded silicone optical system
  • Impact-resistant
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 75 percent

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Lighting Solutions at All Levels

USA Volleyball and the American Sports Builders Association recommend specific lighting illumination levels for the three categories of play and a fourth higher level for Tournament venues requiring broadcast-quality television lighting. Minimum court sizes are also specified.

Need Additional Support?

Tools that allow you to create the ideal volleyball court design. At LightMart, our Technical Design team is ready to assist you during every stage of your lighting project. Our website will give you access to our extensive IES library and calculators, allowing you to create the perfect solution.

Complete Volleyball Lighting Kits

Turnkey Solutions no matter your level of play.


CK300 LED Sport Court Kit

Club Level

Paddle Series (call for lighting solution)


PSXPAL300 LED Sport Court Kit 
(call for lighting solution)

Volleyball Court Types

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Backyard
  • Public Parks
  • Community Clubs
  • Residential
  • Sand
  • Grass
  • Rubber
  • Tile

Volleyball Court Installations

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Professional Project Support

Our staff can guide you through the process of purchasing the right LED fixtures for your location and application.

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Complete LED Light Kits

Poles, Fixtures, and Brackets. Get everything you need for your install in one shipment. Our LED Light Kits save time and money.

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Save Money, and the Environment

LED lighting fixtures save enormous amounts of energy. You save on energy, and the longer life of LEDs will reduce maintenance costs.

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Custom 3D Renderings

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Free Photometric Lighting Application

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Custom CAD Drawings

LightMart carries a large selection of LED lighting kits. Everything from parking lot installations to pool deck, and canopy/check-in, we ensure you are in the light. Hospitality lighting is at LightMart's core. Turnkey LED light pole kits provide ease of installation and versatility while delivering superior light coverage. Optional Bluetooth access allows for complete control of your lighting installation.

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