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Did you know that attaching antennas to street light poles may provide a stronger connection? Antennas are used for communication, such as cell communication, radio signals and reception, and non smart TVs. Although cell towers are more popularly used for telecommunications, light poles are being used broadly for antenna installation and reception. In addition to antennas, WiFi routers can also be mounted onto light poles to establish an internet connection.  

We’ll break down how to mount a 5G antenna or wifi router onto a light pole, recommended LightMart light poles and brackets, and everything you’ll need to know about antennas. 

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Local community goverments have specific guidelines for dark-sky lighting at warehouses and industrial complexes.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can You Mount a 5G Antenna on a Utility Pole?

It is not recommended to mount an antenna onto a utility pole, as these types of poles are used more for electrical work and cell technicians are not allowed to climb these types of poles. Additionally, mounting an antenna on a pole that has high electrical currents, complicated wiring, and power lines is hazardous. 

What Types of Antennas Fit on Street Light Poles?

There are three primary categories when it comes to antennas: omni-directional, directional, and semi-directional. Under the umbrella of omni-directional antennas, there are many different kinds, one of which includes devices that pick up radio frequencies. Wireless systems such as wifi routers also use omnidirectional antennas. For these kinds of devices, it’s not necessarily the size that plays a role but where the antenna is placed. We suggest installing these antennas on street lights, and lower to the ground on a shorter light pole, in order to avoid interference. 

Directional antennas are also broken down into different types, one of which are sector antennas which are used for cellular communication. Sector antennas are flatter, panel like receivers that can easily be mounted onto any light pole. 

What Type of Brackets Are Wifi Pole Mount Approved? 

You can mount shorter 30-inch cantilevers to a pole for wifi, using smart grid utilities to manage routers and wifi outages. Cantilever brackets attach onto steel or aluminum poles, and can adapt to a variety of light fixtures. These extenders also come in a range of sizes. 

How Does a Wifi Access Point Work on a Light Pole? 

A wifi access point creates a stronger, more reliable wifi connection, as it establishes a wireless network within the local area and is often used in larger spaces – such as offices or buildings. In terms of sizing, a wireless wifi access point is very compact. These devices can also be made for outdoor use, and can be mounted onto a light pole with ease.    

How Are Antennas Used on Telescoping Mast Poles?

A telescoping mast pole ranges from 10-50 feet tall and is usually made from lightweight aluminum. Telescoping aluminum antenna mast poles can be used to distribute frequency signals by using an antenna and attaching it to the pole for a seamless connection to larger broadcast communication, such as radio networks, weather station monitoring, and sports event coverage.

Are Antenna Permits Required by City Councils? 

There are restrictions put in place, however. City Council Wireless Communication Antenna Installation Permits do exist in some ordinances, and differ depending on the geographic location. Certain cities and municipalities require permits in order to install wireless communication equipment outside of local schools, churches, public buildings, condos, and apartments. 

Sanctions on antennas pertain to radio, cellular communication, and cell towers – as thousands of antennas must be placed across multiple sites in order to make and receive clear calls and for reliable communication connections. However, city councils also have to adhere to the Federal Communications Commission and environmental association guidelines, such as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).  

Certain city structures also must adhere to building, electrical, and fire codes in order to get approval to install a new antenna  – this also mandates that proposed antenna system plans are designed, highlighting the equipment that will be used and how the antennas will be mounted.

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