14 Foot Square Hinged Base Aluminum Light Pole, 4 Inch Wide, 0.125 Inch Wall Thickness

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14 Foot 4 Inch Square Hinged Base Aluminum Light Pole with 0.125 Inch Wall Thickness. Item Number: 14A4SSH125
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Material: This straight aluminum light pole with a hinged base is 14 feet high and 4 inches in diameter from top to bottom with a wall thickness of 0.125 inches and maximum EPA rating of 3.7 at 130 mph. Our aluminum light poles are designed to American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials (AASHTO) standards and meet all applicable material ASTM standards.
Hinged Base: This aluminum light pole has a unique hinge-base design which consists of 2 bases connected with a hinge. The bottom base is mounted on concrete foundation with anchor bolts (provided with each pole free of charge). The top base is then affixed to this bottom base with use of 3 bolts (also provided). When these 3 bolts are loosened, the pole which is welded to the top base can be lowered all the way to the ground allowing access to the equipment or light fixtures mounted on top of the pole without the need of ladders or lifts. Anchor Bolts and Handhole Covers: This light pole includes anchor bolts made of galvanized steel (Grade 55 meeting AASHTO M314-90 standard) with a bolt circle diameter of 7.5-9 inches. A reinforced handhole with cover and stainless steel hex-head screws are also included. For your convenience, anchor bolts can be pre-shipped for a nominal surcharge. Pole Drilling Options: We can drill our aluminum light poles to your specifications at no extra charge. We offer such a large variety of drilling options that should you need anything other than our standard drill template shown in the images above and different drill orientation (also shown above), please contact sales. Color Options: Our standard aluminum light pole color is dark bronze finish; however, 4 other colors are available at a surcharge. Our thermoset powder coat process is in accordance with AAMA 2604 classification and is much superior to AAMA 2603 used by other manufacturers. Pole Accessories: We offer an extensive list of OEM accessories for our aluminum light poles ranging from transformer bases and GFI receptacle outlets to vibration dampeners. In addition, we do not charge extra for cutting our poles to custom lengths in case what we offer requires customization. 10 Year Warranty: We are so confident that our aluminum light poles are the best that we offer an industry-leading 10 year warranty.
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