30 Foot Square Steel Security Camera Pole, 5 Inch Wide, 7 Gauge

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Product Description:  

Pole Top Options: A removable pole cap is provided if the pole is drilled for attaching light fixtures. The drill pattern and drill orientation needs to be provided by the customer unless Energy Light fixtures are used for the project. If tenon option is selected, a steel tenon will be provided.

A 2 3⁄8 inch diameter tenon with 4 inch length is standard; however, the customer needs to confirm the appropriate tenon size required for the project.

Pole Shaft and Height: 5 inch square 7 gauge commercial grade steel with minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi. Pole height is 30 ft.

Handhole: Reinforced 3"x 5" size handhole is located at 18 inches from the base. A ground lug with set screw is located near the handhole opening for proper grounding of the pole.

Color: Dark Bronze.

Anchor Bolts: A set of 4 galvanized steel anchor bolts is provided with each pole assembly. Each anchor bolt includes 2 nuts and 2 washers. Top portion of the anchor bolt is threaded for securing and leveling the pole with the provided nuts and washers. An actual size paper anchor bolt template is provided.

Bolt Circle: 8-1/2" (Bolt Circle Range 8"-11")

Base Cover: Two-piece ABS plastic base cover is provided.

Warranty: 1 Year.

Foundation design: Foundation should be designed by an engineer familiar with local soil and wind conditions as well as local code where the pole(s) will be installed.

Maximum EPA with 1.3 Gust Factor:
90 mph:
11 Square Feet
100 mph: 8.0 Square Feet
110 mph: 7.0 Square Feet
120 mph: 4.7 Square Feet
130mph: 2.9 Square Feet
140mph: 1.5 Square Feet

Pole Weight: 390lbs.


30 Foot
Anchor Base
5 Inch
7 Gauge
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