Aluminum Light Poles vs. Steel Light Poles vs. Fiberglass Light Poles

Aluminum Light Poles vs. Steel Light Poles vs. Fiberglass Light Poles

All of our aluminum light poles are designed according to AASHTO standards. LightMart offers multiple sizes, including:

Why Choose Steel Light Poles?

Why Choose Steel Light Poles

Do you need a lighting solution that provides strength for a windy area or multiple fixtures on one pole? Steel light poles provide the strength and durability that commercial and industrial applications require. From military bases to airports, steel light poles provide a long-lasting solution that is often more cost-effective than other light pole materials. Additional benefits are as follows:

LightMart maintains an inventory of steel light poles designed to AASHTO standards ranging from the following sizes and shapes:

Why Choose Fiberglass Light Poles?

Fiberglass light poles are the lightest option for commercial, industrial, and residential lighting solutions, but they also provide an impressive level of strength and durability. Fiberglass light poles aren’t impacted by corrosion and they can stand up to severe weather despite their lightweight. Fiberglass light poles are a popular choice for streets, campuses, parking lots, and parks. Additional advantages include:

  • Not affected by saltwater, road salt, or fertilizers
  • Impact-resistant
  • Security camera options available
  • Nonconductive material
  • An average lifespan of about 20-to-30 years

LightMart offers fiberglass light poles available in the following sizes and shapes:

Which Lighting Solution Is Right For My Location?

Which Lighting Solution Is Right For My Location

Each of the three options listed can provide a quality lighting solution for almost any location. However, if you’re still not sure which lighting solution is the ideal option for your next project, contact the team at LightMart today. Our team of experts has assisted thousands of businesses, municipalities, government offices, and parks in finding a lighting solution that fits their needs and their budget. Let us know what the specifics of your project are, and our team will work to find a custom solution that will match your lighting needs and budget.

Get in touch with the LightMart team through our contact form or by phone to discover more about aluminum, steel, or fiberglass light pole builds today!

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