Introducing LightMart’s Newest Innovation in the Light Pole Market: The EZ Sectional Light Pole

Introducing LightMart’s Newest Innovation in the Light Pole Market: The EZ Sectional Light Pole

12-foot EZ Sectional Light Pole (disassembled)

Coming soon! Available in May 2024.

The EZ Sectional Light Pole is an innovative, patented square steel light pole with 4-foot segments for quick assembly at a job site. It drastically reduces handling and delivery issues associated with conventional single-shaft light poles without compromising its strength and EPA rating. Shipping is free and delivery can be made within a few days. When you combine shipping charges with pole costs, EZ Sectional Light Poles cost less than standard square steel light poles.

Solving the Logistical Challenges of Standard Light Poles

Logistical Challenge One: Transport

The size and shape of standard light poles present some logistical challenges. One of these challenges is their transportation to the job sites where they will be installed. They can’t simply be loaded onto a standard delivery van like a typical package. You’ll need to use experienced specialty carriers who can safely and effectively handle the load. In most cases, flatbed trucks or semis are used for transport. Because of this, shipping costs are high for standard light poles.

To reduce shipping costs for the customer, many businesses use freight consolidation companies. The drawback to this is that typical transportation lead times are around two weeks.

Solution: The EZ Sectional Light Pole disassembled pole components are packed in boxes and shipped via standard carriers like UPS or FedEx. This means that you will receive your poles a few days after ordering. No specialty carriers are needed.

Logistical Challenge Two: Delivery

Transporting standard light poles isn’t the only challenge. When they reach the site for delivery, customers or contractors are responsible for offloading the poles. With specialized carriers, delivery times must be planned in advance, and you’ll need to have the proper equipment such as cranes or forklifts to ensure that the poles are not damaged.

The delivery of light poles is even more complicated when the destination is a residential zone. You’ll need to ensure the carrier can easily enter and leave the area. Their trucks are large, and they need to have the ability to safely maneuver in and out. For example, if a delivery is being made to a townhouse complex, the driver may refuse to enter if it’s determined that there are safety or logistical concerns. There are also residential delivery surcharges which makes it even more expensive.

Solution: The EZ Sectional Light Pole delivery can be made to commercial or residential areas without issue. A flatbed truck is unnecessary so delivery can be made safely and without special considerations. There is also no need to make a delivery appointment because there is no need for special equipment to offload the poles.

Logistical Challenge Three: Lead Times

Standard made-to-order square steel light poles can have lead times of up to five weeks (or more). Once an order is placed, the poles need time to be manufactured and then transported to their destination. These long lead times can require advanced planning and greatly affect project deadlines.

Solution: These items are in stock and ready to ship directly from our warehouse. Lead times are drastically reduced. Shipping or transit time for EZ Sectional Light Poles is 3-5 days for most locations in the continental USA.

12-foot EZ Sectional Light Pole (assembled)

12-foot EZ Sectional Light Pole (assembled)

Benefits of EZ Sectional Light Poles

In addition to eliminating the logistical challenges of standard light poles, LightMart’s EZ Sectional Light Poles have other benefits that include:

  • Free shipping
  • Faster delivery
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • The connecting plates used at 4-foot increments make them stronger (reinforced), so they are even more resistant to wind.
  • They are less prone to vibration than standard poles which makes them ideal for mounting security cameras.
  • They are easier to store than standard poles so they can be kept in stock or saved for a later installation.

Features of the EZ Sectional Light Pole

Notable features include:

  • Square-shaped, 11-gauge steel, 4-inch width pole sections. Each pole section comes in 4-foot lengths.
  • Commercial grade dark bronze powder coat finish
  • Choose from 8-, 12-, 16-, and 20-foot lengths.
  • Includes base cover, hand hole cover, anchor bolts, anchor bolt template, connecting hardware, and pole top or tenon adapter.
  • Patented in the USA and other countries.

Need EZ Sectional Light Poles for your next project?

LightMart is your go-to resource for all your outdoor lighting needs. You won’t find EZ Sectional Light Poles anywhere else. We also offer a wide variety of Quick-Ship Light Poles that are in stock and ready to ship. Contact us today!

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