Lighting Design for Street Basketball Courts

Lighting Design for Street Basketball Courts

Feel like an NBA star every time you step on the court with sports light pole kits for an electric experience. Play street basketball and have fun with friends on the court, no matter what time it is!

It’s essential to install lighting that will be bright enough to give visibility to the entire area, providing coverage without causing a blinding glare on the court. Give players the tools to enjoy their basketball pickup game with optimal lighting solutions for outdoor basketball courts. To accomplish this, consider using lighting systems with illumination levels recommended by The American Basketball Association (ABA) and the American Sports Builders Association. 

This article will discuss the advantages of light poles made for outdoor basketball courts, product recommendations for outdoor basketball lights, and how to effectively install lighting for outdoor basketball courts.

Good Basketball Court Lighting Will Have

  • Eco-friendly LED lights
  • Light poles that can withstand 90 mph winds on average
  • Light poles with supportive brackets for solar panels and other add-ons
  • Products that use powder coat to paint the poles, reducing scratches, nicks, chips, dents, and oxidation – which makes these products perfect for outdoor use
  • Steel light poles that are made with strong, durable material, and we offer affordable options
  • Photocell technology enables automatic street lighting at dusk, similar to the light posts on your block that go on every evening 
  • Bluetooth adaptable light poles allow you to change the lighting colors
  • USB ports and electrical outlets built into light poles
  • Lighting products with a specific lighting design made for recreational spaces and parks

How to Light Up a Basketball Court at Night

There are a variety of ways to strengthen the range of vision when lighting a basketball court at night. As opposed to indoor basketball courts, outdoor court lighting has the advantage of a glare-free surface. Indoor stadiums have a reflective, glossy floors that can obstruct your line of sight if the sports lights are too bright. 

Because of this no non-reflective surface on outdoor basketball courts, Flood Lighting is a possibility. Floodlights flood the area with powerful lighting to enhance the experience for any sport or outdoor activity while still maintaining energy efficiency. LED lights offer a budget-friendly option with the best light for an outdoor basketball court! 

Recommendations for Light Poles Products, Heights, and Installations  

Light Poles for Street Basketball Courts 

Positioning outdoor light poles is another factor to consider and arranging lighting to provide the best visibility to players. Consider setting up light fixtures on the sides of the court at a 90-degree angle, allowing the light to cast over the playing ground. This will also help avoid any potential glares. 

Basketball Lighting ies lighting calculations

Your average street basketball court typically uses square straight steel poles. Additionally, square and circular-shaped light pole products are available in a variety of styles, including steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. 

Street Light Installation Procedures 

When you shop for lighting for outdoor basketball courts, choose the option to add an extra handhole, which connects the circuit or wiring to an electrical source. This lets you add customization features to the light pole, for example, adding a USB port or electrical outlet and choosing where it should be placed according to your own specifications and needs. 

Basketball Court Lighting Pole Height

Select the light pole height and personalize it to fit any requirement! The best light for outdoor basketball courts is generally between the 20’ to 26’ range, depending on the size of the playing field. If there are multiple basketball courts at the same park and you’re looking to provide enough light to a multi-game court, order light poles at a higher length of 26 ft. 

Street Basketball in Coastal Regions

Are you looking to set up new basketball court lighting in a coastal city like Miami, FL, or Boston, MA? There is a wide range of options for public street lighting with equipment that can withstand severe thunderstorms and hurricane season.   

Fiberglass light poles offer flexibility that will hold up against the elements during harsh storms with strong winds. Fiberglass light fixtures are also non-conductive, meaning it reduces the chance of being affected when lightning strikes. Steel poles are also an ideal option that can hold up against hurricanes, falling debris, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting Questions

How much light is needed to provide sufficient light to a basketball court?

According to IES (Illuminating Engineering Society), 10-foot candles is the recommended lighting suggestion for recreational basketball. In order to reduce glare, use four light sources to equally distribute light to all 4 quadrants of the court. In most recreational basketball applications, 15 ft. or 20 ft. light poles are used. For optimal brightness output, LED lights should be within the range of 20,000 to 35,000 lumens per light. In order to reduce the number of light poles and save money, a configuration using two lights mounted to light poles maximizes savings while reducing labor and investment. There are companies that provide light pole kits for basketball courts which makes it easier to get all you need for your basketball court lighting project!

How much energy will LED lights save?

Choosing LED lights for your sports lighting project will reduce the use of energy by 40-60%.

What color temperature should I choose to light a public outdoor basketball court?  

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) refers to the warmth or coolness of the light source, which is measured in Kelvin degrees. As shown, warmer color temperatures have a lower Kelvin unit of measurement, while cooler color temperatures have a higher Kelvin unit of measurement. While you have the accessibility to choose your desired color temperature, lighting professionals recommend avoiding color temperatures over 5000K for outdoor basketball courts. 

What is the recommended light fixture size and the optics needed to brighten a park’s basketball court? 

Class 1 professional courts require a certain watt strength to meet ABA Basketball Court Lighting Standards. You should research the court that needs lighting, and whether it is a class 1, 2, or class 3 court. Please note that individual court size, the number of courts, and classification are all factors that can impact fixture selection.

Can I test the light coverage to ensure it will work for me? 

Yes! Online lighting calculators allow you to select the pole height, the coverage area needed, and lumen units required to light the desired zone. 

Are maintenance updates needed on LED Sports Lights? 

If made properly at a reputable lighting supplier, no maintenance should be needed! However, periodic inspections to ensure light fixtures are working properly is the best practice. Has All Your Sports Lighting Solutions

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