Power Bars: The Best Sports Lighting Solution Around

Power Bars: The Best Sports Lighting Solution Around

Perhaps your high school just got some grant money to build a football field. Or maybe a wealthy donor just underwrote a new little league baseball field for your town. Whatever the case may be, if you're building an outdoor sports venue, you're going to have to find a way to light it for nighttime events.

It could be high schools, colleges, parks, or a professional stadium. No matter what the venue, high-quality sports field lighting will help the athletes see the action and the spectators enjoy the game. As a result, you want to make sure you get the lighting right the first time without any costly mistakes.

This article will look at what it takes to light an outdoor sports venue and how LightMart.com's Power Bar Sports Lighting Package is the sports lighting solution that can work for you.

What Kind of Lighting Is Best for Outdoor Sports?

If you are trying to light an outdoor sports venue, you need to have the right light and the right sports lighting manufacturer. Some might think that you can use the same type of lights and fixtures that you use for indoor sports venues, but that is not the case. You also can't use standard lights that light a parking lot, street, or highway. They just won't work well because you have to take into account the varying degrees of height, distance, and brightness that may be involved in your particular venue. The lumens you need to light an indoor basketball court are just not the same as the lumens you need to light an outdoor baseball field.

Outdoor sports venues require light that is bright enough to light the playing area so players and spectators can see the action. The light also needs to be unobtrusive to the players' and spectators' vision since too much glare from the lights will interfere with viewing. The players won't be able to see the ball and the spectators will miss out on what's happening on the field. The balance that's required involves the right combination of light, light placement, and brightness.

Traditional sports lighting used Metal Halide lights. These lights were heavy, took a long while to come to full brightness, were not energy efficient, and had to be replaced often. As a result, they were expensive and required high maintenance. Now, the easy choice is LED pole light for sports. LED light fixtures are lighter, they have a longer life span, they're more energy-efficient, and come to full brightness immediately. LEDs do not need to be maintained as often and they produce more light with less energy.

As an example, an old-style metal-halide 400-watt bulb produced 21,000 lumens while a 150-watt LED light produces the same number of lumens. As a result, you save money on maintenance because you don't have to change bulbs as often. You also save money on your energy costs because you're getting the same brightness with fewer watts.

What Is a Power Bar Sports Light Package?

The Power Bar Sports Light Package is the easy choice for your sports lighting needs. The sports lighting package includes a Power Bar bracket with LED lights and visors. It's made in the USA from high-quality structural steel. Each package is shipped pre-wired, which saves you time and money on your installation. In all, LightMart offers 11 Power Bar Light Packages ranging from a two-fixture, 90,000-lumen package to a 12-fixture, 540,000-lumen package.

Each Power Bar Package includes the following elements:

  • Frame: It's specifically designed for Power Bars and all wiring and connectors are concealed within the frame.
  • Bracket: The light pole bracket is adjustable for horizontal and vertical positioning.
  • Mounting: The mounting can attach to round or square poles made of steel, wood, or aluminum.
  • Power Bar Fixture: The fixture offers the lowest EPA/ weight combination in the industry and features up to a half-million lumens per pole.
  • Connector: The connector is IP65 rated for easy setup and future replacement.
  • Visor: An integrated visor is included to keep light directed to the area where you want it.

Benefits of Using the Power Bar Sports Light

The Power Bar Sports Light Package gives you everything you need to light your sports venue. The benefits of the package include:

A Variety of Packages to Choose From

LightMart.com is proud to offer a variety of Power Bar Sports Light Packages ranging from 90,000 lumens to over 500,000 lumens. Whatever your brightness needs, we have a package for you.

Savings of Time and Money

Our packages come with brackets and visors and are pre-wired. It's a complete, turnkey sports lighting package that's easy to install so it saves you money.

Ease of Use

Because you get everything you need in one package, it's easy to use. The fixtures will attach to round or square-shaped poles made of steel, wood, or aluminum.

Unique Design for Optimal Lighting

With packages that offer anywhere from two to twelve fixtures, no matter what kind of light you need for your sports venue, we've got you covered.


Our packages will work with just about any type of light pole made from any type of material.

Low EPA/Weight

Because it's lightweight, you don't have to worry about the strength of the pole you're using. This helps to reduce pole costs.

Made in the USA

Our Power Bar Sports Light Packages are proudly designed, assembled, and serviced in the USA.

LightMart.com Has All Your Sports Lighting Solutions

Whether it's our Power Bar Sports Lighting Package or any other lighting solutions, LightMart.com has what you need, including sports lighting poles. We are the premier stadium lights manufacturer. Call us today at (800) 443-8254 or contact us on our website to find out more. Our lighting experts are ready to guide you to the sports lighting solutions you need.

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