Replacing Your Light Poles with Quick Ship Light Poles

Replacing Your Light Poles with Quick Ship Light Poles

Like all things, light poles do not last forever. Over time, they will experience structural degradation due to weather conditions as well as scratches, impacts, and rust/corrosion. You’ll want to replace them before they fail to stay upright which can cause serious safety concerns.

Generally, the time spent between ordering replacement light poles and receiving them at a project site can take months. This is because light poles are usually made to order, and the manufacturing process takes time to complete. On top of that, there are shipping considerations. Light poles are large and awkwardly shaped, which means that standard carriers such as FedEx and UPS are not equipped to handle this type of product.

Here at LightMart, we have a solution to this long lead time with our selection of quick-ship light poles. We have the largest inventory of in-stock light poles that are ready to ship.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Light Poles

Age and Wear

What is the typical life expectancy of a light pole?

This will depend on the material of the pole. Steel poles will last between 15 and 30 years. Fiberglass poles will last around 30 to 40 years. The longest-lasting poles are made from aluminum. Their typical lifespan is 50+ years.

Visible Damage


Stress points on a light pole can cause cracks when pushed to their limit. These areas include:

  • Base plates for anchor base poles
  • Brackets and arms used to mount fixtures, etc.
  • Hand hole

Cracked Base Plate

Cracks can be caused by:

  • Wind
  • Temperature changes
  • Vibration
  • External impacts


Rust and corrosion can be caused by:

  • Moisture from rain, snow, and condensation
  • Caustic elements such as sea spray, methane, and acidic environments