Why Buy Fiberglass Light Poles?

Why Buy Fiberglass Light Poles?

Why Buy Fiberglass Light Poles?

Do you need a lighting solution that isn’t affected by saltwater, road salt, or fertilizer? Fiberglass light poles are the ideal solution. Engineered to be lightweight, easy to install, and resistant to corrosion, fiberglass light poles are an excellent option for new construction or lighting upgrades. Learn more about the advantages, applications, and available sizes below, and then browse through our current inventory to find the fiberglass light pole that meets the needs of your project.

Are you ready to get a quote for fiberglass light poles? Get in touch with the experts at LightMart today to get the answers you’re looking for.

What Are The Advantages of Fiberglass Light Poles?

Developed to be high-strength, low weight and extremely durable, fiberglass light poles provide several key benefits to consider when developing a lighting solution. Additionally, fiberglass light poles are the easiest to install and can last for up to 25 years. Important advantages to consider are as follows:

  • Don’t require heavy equipment to install
  • 20-30 year lifespan
  • Lightweight
  • Nonconductive material
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Colorfast throughout the pole

Which Industries & Projects Require Fiberglass Light Poles?

Which Industries and Projects Require Fiberglass Light Poles

Fiberglass light poles are considered the most versatile in the lighting industry due to their low weight, high strength, and durability. However, they are a common lighting solution in the following industries and applications:

  • Streets & Highways
  • Residential/Community
  • Car dealerships
  • Sports fields and stadiums
  • Parking lots
  • Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and college and university campuses
  • Military bases and installations
  • Parks and courts

Which Sizes of Fiberglass Light Poles Are Available At LightMart.com?

Do you already know which size light poles your project requires? LightMart carries the following widths, lengths, and shapes of fiberglass light poles in stock right now. Take a look at our detailed list, and then browse through our inventory to learn more about pricing and ordering.

  • Available heights include 8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft., 14 ft., 15 ft., 16 ft., 18 ft., 20 ft., 25 ft., 30 ft., 35 ft., and 40 ft.
  • Available shapes include: Round Tapered and Square
  • Available widths include 4-in. and 5-in.
  • Nonconductive material
  • An average lifespan of about 20-to-30 years
  • Available in Anchor Base and Direct Burial

Does Lightmart Offer Fiberglass Light Poles With Different Strengths?

Yes. Our team prioritizes finding a light pole with the correct strength level for your location. LightMart carries fiberglass light poles that are standard duty, heavy-duty, and extra heavy duty.

Does Lightmart Offer Fiberglass Security Camera Light Poles?

Does Lightmart Offer Fiberglass Security Camera Light Poles?

Yes. Lightmart’s fiberglass security camera light poles can be configured for many applications. Wi-Fi extenders, antennas, and even security cameras can be applied to our fiberglass light poles.

How Can I Get A Quote For Fiberglass Light Poles At LightMart.com?

If you need fiberglass light poles for your lighting project, speak with the experts at LightMart to get a quote on cost. Our team can be reached by phone at (800) 443-8254, through our contact form, or by email at help@lightmart.com. The team at LightMart will work with your budget to find an ideal solution for your project’s requirements. Get in touch with us today to find a lighting solution from LightMart, and discover how professionals save with us!

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