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No matter the house of worship size, we have the right lighting solution.

LightMart creates lighting solutions for churches, ministries, chapels, synagogues, temples, and religious buildings. We manufacture durable LED lights and light pole kits to meet your specific needs. Choose from our wide selection of beautiful light fixtures and pick the best supportive light poles for a church parking lot. Invest in LED church lights and partner with LightMart today on your next lighting project! 

Turnkey Solutions offers a wide range of products made for church LED lighting systems! Whether you’re looking to install new indoor lights at your place of worship, or updating the light posts at your church, we help to create a customizable experience with sustainable solutions. Check out our high quality inventory online or call us today!

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Key Churches Lighting Applications:

  • Entrance and Lobby Lighting
  • Outside Canopy Lighting
  • Front of Church Sanctuary Lighting
  • Lighting for Upstairs Balconies Inside Church Sanctuaries
  • Rectory and Office Lighting
  • Gymnasium Lighting at Parochial Schools
  • Classroom Lighting at Parochial Schools
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Building Exterior Lighting

Lighting Fixtures for Church Interiors

Church Sanctuary Lights

It’s important to find overhead lighting that illuminates a church’s pews, aisles, and the general sanctuary area. Another area to consider is the church’s lobby or vestibule.

Lighting Religious School Areas, such as Offices, Classrooms, and Gymnasiums

LED lights for Parochial Schools is another significant factor to consider. Our selection of LED troffers and panels or low bay lights are perfect for classrooms, reading rooms, rectories, or offices. LightMart’s high bay lights are better suited for spaces with high ceilings, like a gym or an activity area.

Bathrooms and Emergency Exits

Public restroom lighting is also an essential for any building, especially if the church is connected to a religious school. At LightMart, we carry a range of watt measurements for low bay lights, canopy lighting, or LED strip lighting commonly found in commercial washrooms.

Churches also require exit lighting in the event of an emergency evacuation during mass or school hours.

Exterior Church Lighting Fixtures

Decorative Outdoor Lighting and Parking Lighting

Church exterior lighting can take many forms, from decorative light poles and LED light fixtures on church grounds – to parking lot pole kits, and parking garage lights for churches with parking garages or chapels inside of hospitals. If your church is looking to replace outdated light fixtures or poles, shop for products that will match your needs here!

Church Floodlighting

Did you know that flood lights can be used to light up signs, flags, or religious symbols? LED lights will help to illuminate crosses, the jewish star, or any sacred figure meant for display.

Exterior Building Lights

LED wall packs is the best product for adding brightness to the outside of the building wall or providing more light near a door. Adding more lighting to exits also enhances the building’s safety and security.

Church Lighting Setup and Design

Our Lighting Experts are here 24x7 to answer your questions.
Email us at or Call Us Today 1 (800) 443-8254

Fill out the Free Quote Form. One of our product specialists will follow-up and answer any questions about LED fixtures, light poles, mounting accessories or concerns you have about your project.

Lighting Solutions Save Time and Money

We offer time-saving turn-key solutions as bundles by combining light poles, hardware, brackets, and LEDs to save time and effort on the job site. We stock popular light poles and brackets in steel, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Need Additional Support?

Tools that allow you to create the ideal lighting design. At LightMart, our Technical Design team is ready to assist you during every stage of your lighting project. Our website will give you access to our extensive IES library and calculators, allowing you to create the perfect solution.

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Professional Project Support

Our staff can guide you through the process of purchasing the right LED fixtures for your location and application.

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Complete LED Light Kits

Poles, Fixtures, and Brackets. Get everything you need for your install in one shipment. Our LED Light Kits save time and money.

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Save Money, and the Environment

LED lighting fixtures save enormous amounts of energy. You save on energy, and the longer life of LEDs will reduce maintenance costs.

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Custom 3D Renderings

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Photometric Lighting Application

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Custom CAD Drawings

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of lighting design is needed for a church?

This depends on the lighting needs of each sector of the church. For churches with high rise ceilings, we suggest choosing LED lights with enough lumens to brighten the sanctuary of the church from a 20 to 40 foot distance.

Lighting also ranges from warm to cool tones. We recommend warm lighting for indoor lights to give a soft, welcoming look. Soft, white lights are typically between 2700 Kelvins and 3000 Kelvins.

What are the lighting standards for churches?

For smaller, more traditional style churches, 5-15 foot candles provide sufficient lighting. However, for bigger cathedral style churches or more modern styles, the recommended lighting is about 25-30 foot candles. Vaulted ceilings, rafters, and balconies, and platform stages for musical performances are all design elements that play a role in configuring the lighting required to brighten a church’s interior. 

What kind of lighting would you recommend for a church’s administrative chambers and classrooms?

Rectories, office areas, and classrooms typically have ceilings that are approximately 10 feet high. Optimal lighting in these spaces is essential for students and staff in order to read, write, and perform other tasks throughout the day. It’s also important to consider the lighting temperature and strength, as harsh lighting could cause distractions or trigger headaches and migraines. 

What kind of lights do you recommend for a church building’s exterior?

Different outdoor lights to accommodate different needs should also be considered. To illuminate symbolic religious pieces on the outside of a church, our lighting experts advise using flood lights. 

To accomplish an elegant lighting look on the exterior of a religious building, we recommend decorative light poles and light fixtures. For parking lots, however, a stronger, more sturdy light pole should be used. 

What are some suggestions for lighting church parking lots?

LightMart specializes in adjustable LED parking lot light pole kits as well as fixed LED parking lot light pole kits, allowing you to customize every detail – you choose the material, pole height, wattage, and for adjustable lights, the angle and position. Our parking lot pole kits are available in solid steel, light weight aluminum, and flexible fiberglass materials. We also carry a variety of led lights made for general outdoor areas, street parking, and parking lots. was established in 1998 by lighting manufacturer Energy Light Inc. before any online lighting distributors existed. Since its inception, our goal has been to make life easier for lighting professionals by delivering quality products at great savings. We strive to be your one-stop source for light poles and commercial lighting and provide turnkey solutions such as our parking lot and decorative light pole kits and power bar sports light packages. With a complete selection of commercial lighting products ranging from light poles and LED fixtures to tenon adapters and light pole kits, we make every effort to serve you better than anyone, every day.

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