Direct Burial Poles

direct burial poleDirect burial poles are designed to be embedded directly in to the ground which eliminating the need for anchor bolts and a base plate. The embedded length for this pole is 3 feet below grade.

(Note: these steps are a high-level explanation. Always utilize licensed and bonded contractors for installations):

  1. Auger a hole that is at least 6 inches larger than the diameter of the pole. (Consult a foundation engineer for the proper design of the foundation, as explained above.)
  2. Lay the pole on the ground with the base next to the hole. Pull the conduit thru the center and out the handhole (tape in place to prevent it from falling back in). Stand the pole in the hole, ensuring the wire/conduit is not pinched. Start backfilling with proper material, tamping down as you go. In sandy soil conditions, use aggregate or concrete to backfill. In rocky soil, you can use the soil that was removed during excavation.
  3. Backfill slowly; this will allow you to level the pole, making minor adjustments as needed to ensure it is plumb.
  4. Once the pole is installed, your electrician can make the final connections to the conduit and install the handhole cover plate when finished.

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