Light Pole Base Cover for 4 Inch Width Square Poles

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Light Pole Base Cover for 4 Inch Width Square Poles. Item Number: S4SQ
Product Description
This vandal-resistant, sturdy light pole base cover is made of 1/8 inch thick ABS plastic, which is also used in making car and truck engine covers. It fits all 4-inch square poles regardless of the pole material (steel, aluminum or fiberglass). It is treated for UV-Resistance, and unlike metal pole base covers, it does not rust, crack or deform and look bad after a few years of service. It is resistant to temperature extremes and can handle many years of abuse, where metal covers crack, scratch, crumple or deform due to extreme temperature differentials.

Color Options
This item is only available in Dark Bronze.

Easy, Tool-less Assembly
Our light pole base covers come in 2 pieces for easy assembly. Plastic self-locking rivets which make tool-less assembly lighting fast and easy are also included.

Vandal and Thief-Resistant
The plastic rivets we include with our pole base covers deter vandals and thieves since they don't look like they can be easily taken out with a screwdriver. Furthermore, being made of ABS plastic, our pole base covers do not have any value for metal scrappers.

Anchor Bolt Plate Options
This base cover is 11” X 11” square and is large enough to cover most base plates.  Please measure the base plate of your light pole to confirm this size will work for your needs. 
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