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Reliable lighting at parks and recreational spaces is essential to maintaining public safety and protecting individuals, especially once the sun sets. That is why a proper lighting design is important – to ensure all areas within a park, school grounds, walking trails, or similar spaces have functioning lights with appropriate spacing between in order to illuminate these parts of town and city communities. LightMart can help with LED lighting solutions and long lasting lighting equipment for commercial sized projects!

Types of City Park & Recreation Lighting

  • Entry Street Lights
  • Park Solar Street Lights
  • LED Park Street Lights
  • Decorative Park Street Lights
  • Recreation Center Building Lights

Turnkey Solutions offers expert advice and product recommendations on commercial lighting from our experienced professionals. Whether it's indoor or outdoor lighting, our team can guide you to the best possible options on high quality light pole kits, LED light fixtures, mounting brackets, and more! Visit our website to view our products online, or call us today!

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At LightMart, our mission is to create durable lighting products that offer high functionality and performance, and the safety and security of its users. We are the experts in energy efficient LED light fixtures, high quality steel, aluminum, and fiberglass light poles, and we design and manufacture our inventory in-house. Trust our lighting professionals to offer the best lighting solutions through our product knowledge, high grade materials, and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Lighting Solutions of All Sizes

Local communities have specific guidelines for dark-sky lighting

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Tools that allow you to create the ideal lighting design. At LightMart, our Technical Design team is ready to assist you during every stage of your lighting project. Our website will give you access to our extensive IES library and calculators, allowing you to create the perfect solution.

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Our Lighting Experts are here 24x7 to answer your questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Some Best Practices for Lighting in Parks?

Creating effective lighting at parks can vary – depending on the park size, park type, or geographic area. Small, rural towns tend to have more open plots of land without lighting or parks that are tucked back further from street lighting compared to city parks – meaning a higher lumen light may be required to properly illuminate the park.     

Playgrounds, for example, need reliable lighting to ensure the safety of kids at public parks once it's dark – whether it’s during the summer months when pre-teens and teenagers are spending time at the park at night, or during the fall and winter months when kids after school playtime aligns with an earlier nightfall. 

Some lighting solutions that enhance the security and protection of kids at parks include LED flood lights, wall packs mounted to the side of community centers or school buildings, and security camera adaptable light poles where surveillance cameras can be mounted on top of the pole to ensure safety and monitoring the area.  

How Many Lumens are Needed for Parks?

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The lumens needed to brighten a park depends on the size of the area. For more localized areas of a park, such as playgrounds, officials suggest between 2-5 lumens to meet outdoor lighting standards. However, parking lots and walkways may require brightness levels between 11 lumens - 86 lumens.

What Types of Light Poles are Best for Recreational Spaces?

A typical park lighting design often includes recreational sports lighting and outdoor sports court lighting. Street basketball, for example, typically uses square steel light poles that are made of strong, durable material. A baseball or football field, on the other hand, should use high mast LED sports lights, which helps to distribute the light using a taller pole and a higher brightness output. 

Other recreational areas include nature trails, walking trails, bike trails, picnic shelters, and recess areas or school yards. While the light pole quantity and length may differ from localized picnic areas compared to large open fields at public parks, steel light poles are still one of the top choices and can withstand strong winds – especially in coastal regions.   

What Kind of Light Fixtures and Light Poles are Used at City Park Lights? 

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Urban spaces typically have city parks with a lot of trees and gardens – even conservatories. These public parks also have paved walking paths and trails for cyclists – often lined with decorative light poles and fixtures. LED bollard lights are another example of decorative but functional lighting, and are ideal for walking trails. 

How to Establish Energy Efficient Public Park Lighting?

Installing lighting systems such as LED lights are beneficial for many reasons: they are low maintenance with fewer replacements required over the years, LEDs increase energy efficiency by cutting down on wasted light and lumen output which preserves energy usage; LED light bulbs also produce low levels of heat, they are damage and shatter resistant, plus they reduce overall monthly light bill costs!

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