Windsor LED Light Pole Kit with Lantern Fixture 4 Inch Diameter Light Pole - Direct Burial

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4 Inch Diameter Windsor Direct Burial Decorative LED Pole Kit with Lantern Fixture. Item Number: PKWD43
Highlights: One-Stop Solution Free Shipping DLC Listed UL Listed Five-Year Warranty “Wet “Dimmable
Product Specifications:
  • Light Fixture: The base assembly features a mogul socket and is made of construction grade die cast aluminum making this fixture suitable for coastal areas. Cast aluminum frame features 6 frosted tempered glass lenses.
  • Pole: 4 inch diameter round straight aluminum pole shaft conforms to ASTM B221 with extruded 6063 aluminum heat treated post welding to T6 temper. 
  • Embedment: 4 ft. of embedment for 16 ft. above-grade poles. 3 ft. of embedment for all other pole heights
  • Decorative Base: One piece, slipover type cast aluminum material.
  • Color: Entire assembly is powder coated in black (no other color options are available).
  • Handhole: 2-1/2” X 4” size handhole is located at 18 inches from the base. An aluminum handhole cover with 2 screws is provided.

LED Power: Lumens: Lumens Per Watt: HID Equivalent:
27 watts: 3,900 lumens 144 lumens/watt 70-100 watts
36 watts: 5,400 lumens 150 lumens/watt 100-150 watts
45 watts: 6,800 lumens 151 lumens/watt 150-175 watts
80 watts: 10,800 lumens 135 lumens/watt 250 watts
100 watts: 13,500 lumens 135 lumens/watt 250-320 watts
Component Dimensions:
  • Decorative Base Height: 33.1 inches
  • Decorative Base Width: 9.3 inches
  • Aluminum Pole Diameter: 4 inches
  • Available Above Grade Heights: 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 foot (custom heights not exceeding 16 foot are available)
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