20 Foot Round Tapered Steel Light Pole, 6.1 Inch Diameter, 11 Gauge

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  • Dark Bronze Powder Coat
  • Black Powder Coat
  • White Powder Coat
  • Gray Powder Coat +$95
  • Green Powder Coat +$95
  • Silver Powder Coat +$95
  • Red Powder Coat +$95

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Product Description:

20 foot 6.1 inch Round Tapered Steel Light Pole, 11 Gauge. Item Number: 20S52RT125
This is a made to order item. We will contact you with current lead time within one business day of order placement. For poles that can ship in a few days please visit our quick-ship poles section: quick-ship light poles.

Pole Top Options:
Poles are provided with either a removable top cap or a welded steel tenon. A 2-3/8 inch outside diameter tenon with 4 inches in length is the most common; however, other tenon options are available. Customers should confirm the appropriate tenon size required by their project prior to ordering. Poles with a top cap can also be drilled during fabrication. The drill pattern and orientation need to be provided by the customer unless Energy Light fixtures are being used for the project.

Pole Shaft:
Depending on the pole height, pole shaft may be single or 2-piece assembly conforming to ASTM A595 Grade A or A572 Grade 55. Taper ratio of 0.14in/ft is linear for all poles. If pole height is higher than 50 feet, 2-piece shaft is provided.

A reinforced handhole with grounding provision is provided at 18 inches from the base end of the pole assembly. Each handhole includes a cover and the attachment hardware. Poles with a 5.90 inch base diameter are supplied with a 3 X 5 inch rectangular handhole. All other pole assemblies are provided with a 4 X 6.5 inch oval handhole. Handhole dimensions are nominal.

Base Cover:
An ABS plastic base cover consisting of 2 pieces is provided. Plastic rivets or screws are included to securely attach 2 pieces together after pole installation. However, we may provide a steel base cover instead with some poles taller than 50 feet depending on engineering requirements.

Anchor Bolts:
A set of 4 partially galvanized steel anchor bolts is provided with each pole assembly. Each bolt includes 2 nuts and 2 washers. A portion of the anchor bolt is threaded for securing and leveling the pole with the provided nuts and washers. An actual size paper anchor bolt template is provided.

Color and Finish Options:
Commercial grade, durable powder coat is standard option, dark bronze, white, and black colors are provided at no extra charge. Other colors and custom colors are available at a surcharge. Hot dip galvanizing is available with a surcharge and extended lead-times. Powder coated galvanized poles are also available as a premium option.

Other Options:
Following options are available for an additional charge. Please consult one of our light pole experts for details: Custom tenon size, custom color, electric/GFI outlet, custom pole height, additional handhole, custom base plate dimensions.

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