25 Foot Above Grade Round Tapered Direct Burial Fiberglass Light Pole, Heavy Duty

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Estimated lead time is 16-20 weeks. Shop in-stock Fiberglass Poles
  • Black (Standard)
  • Dark Bronze +$60
  • White +$60
  • Gray +$60

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At Lightmart, we offer high-quality above grade round tapered direct burial fiberglass light poles. Choose the options you need for your project.
This is a made to order item. We will contact you with current lead time within one business day of order placement. For poles that can ship in a few days please visit our quick-ship poles section: quick-ship light poles.

Our commercial-grade fiberglass poles are constructed of thermoset polyester resin containing "E" type fiberglass. The surface of the shaft is smooth and consists of a saturated polyester surfacing veil of 18–20 mils minimum thickness and a 10 mil resin layer. The resin is unsaturated polyester containing UV inhibitor and pigment throughout. 1.5 mil of urethane coating is applied to the surface of the pole shaft. The surfacing veil and structural fibers are saturated in a singular process with the same resin, ensuring molecular bonding between structural layers and the protective layer.

Pole Configuration
Various pole top configurations are available ranging from tenons to multiple drill orientations. Standard tenons and drill orientations are included in cost. A handhole with a cover is also provided as a standard feature.

Color Options and Finish
Standard fiberglass light pole finish is smooth with a glossy texture. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not charge extra for a smooth finish. Standard color is Black.

Direct Burial
This pole is designed to be embedded directly into the ground which eliminates the need for anchor bolts and a base plate. The embedded length for this pole is 5 feet below grade. Overall pole length including the embedded portion is 30 feet. Benefits:
  • Lightweight for easy installation - 70% less heavy than steel.
  • Does not rust or corrode.
  • Dent resistant.
  • Non-conductive for safety purposes.

Warranty: 10 Years.

  • Above grade height: 25 feet
  • Bury depth: 5 feet
  • Overall Shaft Length: 30 feet
EPA Ratings (sq. ft.):
  • 80 mph: 7.8
  • 90 mph: 7.2
  • 100 mph: 5.4
  • 110 mph: 5.4
  • 120 mph: 5.4
  • 130 mph: 4.2
  • 140 mph: 2.2
25 Foot
Direct Burial
Round Tapered
Heavy Duty
Product Note:
Estimated lead time is 16-20 weeks. Shop in-stock Fiberglass Poles
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