20 Foot Above Grade Round Tapered Direct Burial Fiberglass Light Pole

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Estimated lead time is 16-20 weeks. Shop in-stock Fiberglass Poles
  • Black (Standard)
  • Dark Bronze +$60
  • White +$60
  • Gray +$60

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Pole Shaft: Multiple layers of centrifugally wound fiberglass infused with polyester resin topped with extremely durable gelcoat.
Pole top options: A 2-3/8” aluminum tenon is provided. A removable pole cap or open top are optional. This pole does not accommodate holes drilled on the side wall for the purpose of attaching direct mounting arms. Instead, we offer a large variety of tenon adaptors that will fit over the 2-3/8” tenon to allow any fixture attachment configuration possible.
Handhole: An extra-large reinforced handhole is provided for ease of access and installation. Handhole measures 12” X 4” and is located 28” above the ground line. A cover with 2 locking mechanisms and mounting screws are provided.
Color: Black, Dark Bronze, White, Gray and custom colors are available. Best in class, extra durable finish provides glossy look.
Embedment: Embedment length is 5 ft. A 2”x6" opening is provided 18” below the ground line for conduit entry. All Sharp Edges around the Bottom of the shaft and around Conduit Entry are covered with Heavy Duty Rubber Trim.
Warranty: 10 Years
Weight: 80 lbs.
Features and Benefits:
  • Does not rust or corrode.
  • Much stronger and flexible than steel or aluminum poles.
  • Dent-resistant.
  • Non-conductive. Safe for public areas.
  • Excellent choice for coastal areas and harsh winter zones with corrosion issues due to humidity and salt spray.


20 Foot
Direct Burial
Round Tapered
Standard Duty
Product Note:
Estimated lead time is 16-20 weeks. Shop in-stock Fiberglass Poles
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