Aluminum Bullhorn with 3 Arms at 120 Degrees

Item #
  • Natural Aluminum Finish - Standard
  • Dark Bronze Powder Coat +$60
  • Black Powder Coat +$60
  • White Powder Coat +$60
  • Gray Powder Coat +$60

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Aluminum Bullhorn with 3 Arms at 120 Degrees. Item Number: A10064
Product Description
This bullhorn bracket is made of aluminum. The bottom portion has a 2 1/2 inch inside diameter allowing it to slip fit over any 2 3/8 inch tenon regardless of the shape of the pole. Each curved arm has a 2 3/8 inch outside diameter allowing any light fixture with a standard 2 3/8 inch slip fitter to slide over the arm. Natural aluminum finish is standard, however other powder coat finish options are available.

Dimensional Drawing
Bullhorn Bracket A10064 Dimensional Drawing
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