Streamlining Commercial Lighting Projects with Quick Ship Light Poles

Streamlining Commercial Lighting Projects with Quick Ship Light Poles

Efficient project logistics are crucial to any commercial lighting project. Any project delays, whether due to supply chain disruptions, bad inventory management, or other unforeseen issues can torpedo project deadlines for time-sensitive projects. As a result, costs can skyrocket, and project objectives can be threatened.

Light Poles in Stock, Ready to Ship

LightMart has a solution that can help streamline project logistics: Quick Ship Light Poles.

Understanding Quick Ship Light Poles:

The key characteristics of LightMart’s quick ship light poles are as follows:

  • They are in stock and ready to ship.
  • They are made from one of three primary materials: steel, aluminum, or fiberglass.
  • They can be installed in one of two ways: anchor base or direct burial.
  • They are available in three shapes: square, round, or round tapered.
  • They are available in 8- to 30-foot pole heights.

Differentiating quick ship options from traditional lead times:

Typically, light poles have been made-to-order purchases. The manufacturing process would only begin after an order is placed and then the poles would need to be picked up by specialty carriers for delivery. The combined manufacturing and commercial light pole delivery processes can produce long lead times, sometimes up to 20 weeks or more.

Quick-ship poles are light poles that have already been manufactured and kept in stock. They are ready to ship once an order has been placed. This means that the selection of these light poles is limited to what is in stock and there are no customizable options. The tradeoff is simple, you can get them delivered much quicker than made-to-order light poles, but there are fewer options to choose from, such as custom colors or custom heights. That is why quick-ship poles tend to be the most commonly used ones.

Benefits of quick ship light poles for project logistics:

Drastically reduced lead times are a huge benefit that helps ensure that your commercial lighting project can be completed efficiently and on time.

Mitigate risk and uncertainty with in-stock light poles. You can minimize project delays because:

  • Quick ship light poles help you meet tight project deadlines with expedited shipping.
  • Quick ship light poles reduce wait times and potential supply chain disruptions to the project schedule.
  • Quick ship light pole options allow for more flexibility to deal with any unforeseen issues or evolving needs that may occur.

Simplified Procurement Process:

The quick ship light pole option from LightMart helps to simplify your procurement process.

  • It’s easy to check the inventory availability of quick-ship light poles and they are easy to order.
  • You can streamline the purchasing process for faster procurement.
  • You can leverage LightMart’s customer support for quick ship inquiries and assistance.

Need Quick Ship Light Poles for Your Next Project?

LightMart can help with your next commercial outdoor lighting project. We have the largest selection of in-stock light poles in the USA! Contact us today!

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