Hinged Square Steel Light Pole 30 Foot High, 6.44 Inch Wide, 11 Gauge

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30 Foot 6.44 Inch Hinged Square Steel Light Pole, 11 Gauge. Item Number: 30S64STH125
This is a made-to-order item. We will contact you with current lead-time within one business day of order placement. For poles that can ship in a few days please visit our quick-ship poles section at: Quick ship light poles. Material
This hinged steel light pole is 30 feet high with a wall thickness gauge of 11 and maximum EPA rating of 6 at 100 mph. The butt diameter is 6.44 inches and tapers to 3.47 inches in diameter at the top. To see the full specifications for our 30 foot 6.44 inch hinged square steel light pole - 11 gauge, please click on the highlighted text. Our hinged steel light poles are made of industrial grade carbon steel with guaranteed minimum yield strength of 55,000 psi. This pole is made of a single shaft and have a uniform taper of 0.10 inches per foot and conform to ASTM A500 grade C requirements. Color Options and Finish
Our poles go through a rigorous 2-step process to ensure that they have a long-lasting finish. First, all exterior surfaces are mechanically cleaned to remove all oxides and contaminants prior to the application of powder-coat. Then we apply a polyester thermoset powder-coat at a minimum of 3 mils ensuring a long-lasting protection. In addition to various powder-coat options, we can galvanize our poles at no extra charge. We provide a color chart of available standard powder-coat finishes here. However, we caution that the colors you see on your screen may not be exactly the way they look on the poles and we cannot guarantee exact color.

This light pole has a sturdy, industrial-grade hinge mechanism installed in the mid portion of the shaft. The hinge is operated with an optional portable winch. One portable winch can be used for multiple poles eliminating the need to order a winch for every pole. Anchor Bolts and Handhole Covers
This light pole includes 4 anchor bolts with galvanized threaded ends in accordance with ASTM A-153 and has a bolt circle diameter of 12.5 inches. 2 hex nuts and washers per anchor bolt are also included. For your convenience, anchor bolts can be pre-shipped for a nominal surcharge. An oval reinforced handhole with a 4 inch x 6.5 inch inside opening is included. A grounding provision is located inside the hand-hole ring. Optional 5 inch x 8 inch and 4 inch x 10 inch hand-holes are available upon request.

Pole Drilling Options
We can drill our hinged steel light poles to your specifications at no extra charge. We offer such a large variety of drilling options that should you need anything other than our standard drill template shown in the images above and different drill orientation (also shown above), please contact one of our engineers at 1-800-443-8254 or e-mail them at: sales@lightmart.com.

Pole Accessories
We offer an extensive list of OEM accessories for our hinged steel poles ranging from GFI receptacle outlets to vibration dampeners. In addition, we do not charge extra for galvanizing or for cutting our poles to custom lengths in case what we offer requires customization.
Pole Shaft
The pole shaft is made of hot rolled commercial quality carbon steel with a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi after fabrication. Each section is one-piece construction with a full length longitudinal weld and is square in cross-section with a uniform taper of 0.1 inches of diameter change per foot of length.

Base Plate
The anchor base is fabricated from structural quality hot rolled carbon steel plate that meets or exceeds a minimum yield strength of 36,000 psi. The anchor base covers the bottom portion of the pole shaft and is circumferentially welded at the top and bottom. All welds are performed in accordance with the American Welding Society specification AWSD1.1, latest edition.

An oval reinforced gasketed handhole having a nominal 4 inch x 6.5 inch inside opening located 18 inches above the base is standard on all poles. Optional 5 inch x 8 inch and 4 inch x 10 inch handholes are available. A grounding provision is located inside the handhole ring.
Anchor Bolts
Anchor bolts are fabricated from commercial quality hot rolled carbon steel bar that meets or exceeds a minimum yield strength of 55,000 psi. Four properly sized anchor bolts, each with two regular hex nuts and washers are furnished and shipped with all poles unless otherwise specified. Anchor bolts have the threaded end galvanized a minimum of 8 inches in accordance with ASTM A-153.

All exterior metal surfaces are mechanically cleaned to remove all oxides and contaminants prior to coating. The standard finish is a polyester thermosetting powder coat applied to the surface of the substrate to a minimum of 3 mils for all color finishes. Galvanizing is available upon request.
30 Foot
Anchor Base
6.44 Inch
11 Gauge
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