3/4 Inch Pole Base Anchor Bolt Adapters

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Product Description: Allows poles with 3/4 inch anchor bolts to fit foundations with different bolt patterns.
  • Solves anchor bolt alignment problems quickly and safely
  • Works with poles using 3/4 inch anchor bolts
  • Allows an increase or decrease of bolt circle up to 4.4 inches (per parameters below)
  • Set includes 4 adapters with nuts and washers
Product Specifications:
Maximum Pole Height 25 feet
Maximum Pole Weight—Without Lights and Brackets 200 lbs.
Maximum Weight of Lights and Brackets 150 lbs.
EPA @ 100mph Using Center Hole 11
EPA @ 100mph Using Outer Hole 5


ABA34 Bolt Circle

ABA34 Galvanized Nut

ABA34 Galvanized Stud
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